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ibibo mumbai underworld
Buy Properties Buy properties in Mumbai
Start Business Start your illegal business and earn money.
Loot Money Loot money from other gangsters.
Become Powerful Become Powerful and build your empire.

Build Your
illegal Empire in the

Claim your
Dance Bar
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Mumbai Underworld

“You grew up in Mumbai - but you never really lived the dream. Money was hard to come by and life was hard. You had to make a few choices. You had to join the Mumbai Underworld. In ibibo's Mumbai Underworld game, you get to live out your life as an Underworld don. You start with your own Andheri Dance Bar and your own Paan Shop. You get to hire dancers in your Dance Bar and use your Paan Shop as a front for illegal activities. You grow bigger in Mumbai Underworld as you earn more money. As you grow bigger you can own a network if Cyber Cafe's, Spa's, Smuggling Ports, Luxury Apartments and many more properties. What is important is that you can sell illegal services from these properties. Use your Paan Shop to sell ganja! But all is lost if you don't maintain your "Power". Power comes on buying ammo like the Hockey Stick, Cycle Chain right up to the ever reliable AK-47. With high power you can loot and kidnap others. But others can hurt you too - They can loot you, kidnap you, and set Fire on your buildings! But you are a don. Make a quick visit to the hospital and then buy all the ammo you can to show your opponents who is the boss! So start playing the Mumbai Underworld game. Get your friend to join you and then loot them. Sounds mean? - but that's ok. You have a new profession now. You are now a don in the Mumbai Underworld.”