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Parking Wars
Earn money by parking
"legally or illegally" on your friend's streets.
Collect fines by
challaning illegally parked cars on your street.
Earn dream cars
Once you earn enough money, you earn more cars.
Also, play with your friends from orkut and gmail
Hamara Bajaj
Claim your
Hamara Bajaj
Go park your car on Parking Wars now!
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Parking Wars

“Play the Great Indian Parking Wars social game on ibibo where you can park your cars on friends street’s and challan your friends illegally parked cars. Join ibibo today and start connecting with your friends. Parking Wars is a social game where every player owns cars and his or her own customizable street where in friends park their cars. Players earn money by parking their cars on friends street and challaning cars parked on their own street. Players can also add cool stuff onto their cars and damage their friends cars and earn more money out of these activities. Parking Wars is one of the fastest growing social games in India.”