Playing Cricket Games Online

The exciting world of online cricket awaits you

Ask any kid what he wants to become when he or she grows up and pat comes the reply – either Shah Rukh Khan or Sachin Tendulkar. Of course. There might be other choices as well but the point is that in India, it is either Bollywood or Cricket that rules the hearts of people.

When the men in blue won the international cricket world cup tournament earlier this year, waves of celebrations swept the entire nation. With fireworks lighting up the night sky, it appeared as though the entire nation was celebrating a mega festival.

Cricket is followed like a religion in India and its craze spreads across to all possible arenas as well. We can see vernacular forms of the game like the ones that young kids play out on the streets, better known as galli cricket. We can see lots of local teams at the district level that compete against each other in the state level cricket tournaments and so on.

Recently, this craze has percolated to the arena of online gaming as well. There are massive cricket tournaments being played online. Playing cricket games online has grabbed the interest of millions, it has also led to the creation of many online gaming and social networking sites that has garnered immense public interest.

In India particularly, has notched the position of one of the best online gaming sites. The variety and the user-friendliness of the site have made it a huge hit amongst people of all age groups – from kids to adults!

There is a separate category of  cricket games on the site and users can click on the link to see all sorts of unique cricket games that are available on the site then. Another huge advantage of playing these cricket games online on is that they do not pinch the user in terms of the expense. The user does not burn a hole I his or her pocket while downloading games and paying money for it. All games are free on and require very small time and absolutely no money for their download!

Keeping in mind the huge fan following of Bollywood in India as well, ibibo has games that see a convergence of cricket and Bollywood as well!

Characters based on the famous Bollywood movie,Lagaan, that was nominated for the Oscars as well, have been incorporated  into a game called Lagan cricket. Users can choose their team mates based on the qualities they need in their 11 members.

For first time users, these cricket games online on also have an elaborate description of how the game is played. So, with absolutely no hassles, anyone can log on and hit the ball away for a six!