Miniclip Cricket Games


Miniclip Cricket: Defend the Wicket

Social video gaming with a desi touch has become a huge hit among Indian Internet users, thanks to Founded in January 2007 by Ashish Kashyap, IBIBO Web Pvt. Ltd is jointly owned by Naspers and China’s internet company Tencent.

There is no room for dispute in the world of networking when we talk about the popularity of online games. The addition of online gaming has fueled the growth of local networks to the Internet and the expansion of Internet access itself. There are wide varieties of online games to choose from; easy text-based games to games with high graphics, multiplayer games, single player games etc.

Ibibo Games with its strong social gaming Developing Team is a leader in social gaming business in the country. It has a very strong and popular internet presence. Many of the IBIBO games have also made the entry with a bang into the mobile space as well. One such online game breaking the bricks is Miniclip Cricket Games; it is already there on the mobile platform, so users can play it using their mobile phones. In fact, Ibibo games are one of the pioneers to bring social gaming to the mobile platform. Also, some of the games are available on Android which means both PC and mobile users can play the game together.

Miniclip Cricket Games can be played in the most casual way at any place. It is a game everybody can play without any special requirements or techniques for general activity. Use your mouse to swing the cricket bat, defend your wicket from the on-coming balls and hit as many runs as you can. Choose from batsmen like the brilliantly re-named Afraidi or Punting, and then swish wildly at deliveries from McGruff, Welsh and Warning as you attempt to slog your way to glory- in which, helpfully, missing everything has no bearing on whether you win or not. Simply making contact with the ball is hard enough which makes Miniclip Cricket Games all the more addictive.

Ibibo Gaming portal has taken the charge to develop the top-notch games. There are absolutely no limits to free games on Ibibo. Games are quite simple but agreeably complex to learn. Today social gaming has become a platform of aggression free competition for everybody. Indeed, the gaming rage is catching.