IPL Cricket Games

Experience Cricket Like Never Before

When Lalit Modi gave a concrete shape to his unique idea of making teams comprising Indian and International cricketers and making them compete with each other in a unique cricket tournament, the world witnessed the birth of IPL.

It has been a few years since the concept of these cricket leagues began. Since its advent, Lalit Modi has been questioned by the authorities for embezzlement of funds, there has been a huge furore in the Indian political scene due the Indian Premier League or the IPL, many Bollywood celebrities have had to suffer huge losses but what has not changed is the fact that India still continues to be a nation that is crazy for cricket and that with or without Lalit Modi, IPL is here to stay.

So much has been the popularity of the tournament that the West has embodied the same concept and incorporated their own leagues and organized similar cricket tournaments. However, the grandiose attached with the IPL in India is unmatchable as the craze for the game of cricket and the craze for Bollywood – both come together in the cash-awash tournament of IPL.

If one speaks of online gaming, IPL has been a rage there as well ever since its idea has been conceived. The regular cricket games have given way to IPL cricket games!

Users can get a chance to not just play the game of cricket but also learn how to manage a team, predict the winners and plan their moves accordingly. In short, the IPL cricket games make the players not just a player of the game but a mega star in all the aspects that are associated with the game.

On ibibo.com, that is one of the country’s biggest online gaming and social networking site, one can find a wide variety of cricket games including IPL cricket games. Predicting the winners of games was never so much fun as it is on ibibo.com. That is because users get to predict the winners and compete with their friends on the social networking site while doing so simultaneously.

At the end of all of this, if one’s predictions are right the not only does one get the thrill of beating one’s friends in the competition but also one can win exciting prices that the site has to offer. All this sounds great but the cherry on the top is that this comes for free as there is no extra cost involved in downloading the games and playing them. No wonder then that ibibo.com has such a humongous fan following in our country!