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On, Cricket Craziness at its Peak

Our parents often sit and reminisce about the days when they would meet all their friends and cousins and visit the local community park to enjoy a game of cricket. Still others would recollect the wave of euphoria that hit the entire nation when the 1983 world cup was won by the Indian cricket team.

However, when people belonging to the 21st century would sit down and think, it would be a completely different story altogether. Whether or not community parks and gardens would feature in that is a tough question. Of course, there are many kids wo go out in the parks today to enjoy their favourite game of cricket but there are many others who enjoy the games within the confines of their rooms as well.

It is not that they are sitting alone and playing the game. It might look like they are alone but they are actually connected to all their friends as they thoroughly enjoy the experience of online gaming.

This is what the advent of online gaming and social networking has done. A concept largely based in the West, when it came to India, it took the nation by a storm. However, not many online gaming sites were suited to the needs of the Indian audiences and gamers.

One site that understood their needs and catered to it is The site has attained unprecedented heights as the ultimate online gaming and social networking site in India. Cricket games, download of which is available free of cost is another added factor that makes the site a huge hit!

There are games of all sorts found on but the cricket games download rate is perhaps the highest. Of course, when young kids do not have to waste any money or time to download their favourite games and if they get to experience their cricketing experience for free, why would they mind it?

It is not just the kids but the adults too are equally hooked on to the cricket games, download them for free and play them continuously till they attain a certain standing in their ibibo circle of friends.

Many might think that it is an addiction of sorts. However, if the right balance is maintained, it would only help them to nurture their personality and make new friends via the online world. It is a new experience and if seen in the right light, it only stands to benefit us!